About Assumption Convent
Primary School


Assumption Convent Primary School was established in 1952 by the Missionary Sisters of the Assumption, at the request of the Archbishop of Pretoria, Archbishop Garner.

Since its humble beginnings with a handful of learners and one pre-fabricated classroom, the school has grown from strength to strength, now boasting over twenty air-conditioned classrooms, an ultra-modern computer centre and a well-equipped media centre, art room and music room.

We, the students and staff of this school, are very proud of what we do here and what we have accomplished so far.

We are extremely excited about what the future holds for us because we know that by the grace of God we can accomplish anything.

We hope that we can be of service to you and your child in future so that you and your child can also become part of the ‘Assumption experience!’

“Be it known to all who enter here that Christ is the reason for this school, the unseen but ever present teacher in the classes, the model of its staff, the inspiration of its students.


Our school is co-educational, offering quality education for the past seventy years, to boys and girls from Grade RR up to Grade 7. Apart from the standard subjects offered in the CAPS curriculum, learners also get exposure in computer technology, music and art, as well as media and religious education.

All classrooms are equipped with air conditioning, as well as large television screens, which enable teachers to offer both interesting and colourful lessons electronically, enhancing the learning/teaching experience to a great extent.


Physical Education is an important part of the curriculum as it ensures proper development of gross and fine motor skills. Activities such as Athletics, Netball, Soccer, Play-ball and Swimming are being offered.


While Music and Art form an integral part of the curriculum, other cultural activities such as Junior- and Senior Choir, speech festivals and concerts are also offered.


As an affiliate of the Ethics and Leadership Institute of South Africa, we stand for the following core principles of good character: Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Caring, Respect, Fairness and Good Citizenship. These principles, together with all the other Gospel values, form the basis of all approaches at our school.

Being a Catholic school, learners are exposed to Christian-Catholic education. All learners attend Mass on a regular basis and join in special festivities as celebrated by the Catholic Church throughout the year.

Learners of all faiths are welcome in our school, provided they are willing to accept the Christian ethos of the school.

Our Heritage

In keeping with the tradition of the Missionary Sisters of the Assumption, we strive to create a community where all are respected.

Even though learners, educators and parents are drawn from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, each person is valued as an individual.

Co-operation rather than competition is encouraged.

Learners are taught to see the good in others, to be generous in praise, to practise forgiveness and to help one another whenever possible.

Learners are encouraged to be aware of the needs of the local community, the province and the country.

Based firmly on Gospel values, education at Assumption Convent Primary School is not only a duty, but also a calling, one which our dedicated staff takes very seriously.