1. Before school begins, school bags must be placed neatly outside the classroom. After placing schoolbags outside the classroom, learners must return to the playground. Learners may only enter a classroom if the teach is present.
  2. The school day begins at 07h25 for learners, who must line up either for assembly on the designated days or outside their respective classrooms.
  3. Normally school will end at 13h30 from Monday to Thursday and at 12h30 on Friday.
  4. Learners may not leave the classroom during lessons without permission from the teacher.
  5. Talking (except for group work) and playing during lessons is not allowed. During group work noise must be kept to a minimum so that adjoining classrooms are not disturbed. The use of Vernacular will not be permitted in class situations as Assumption Convent is an English medium school.
  6. Eating during lessons is not allowed. Chewing gum is not allowed. Learners may drink water during lessons provided a suitable water bottle is used.
  7. Written work must always be neatly presented. Correction fluid may only be used if permitted by the teacher, otherwise incorrect words must be neatly crossed out.
  8. Homework assignments must be recorded in the homework diary. Parents/guardians must sign the homework diary daily. Homework assignments must be done and handed in on time. Marks will be deducted and demerits will be given for late or incomplete work or work not handed in.
  9. Learners are required to observe the 5 minute prayer session during the day and not to make a noise should they be outside of class at that time.

Additional Rules and Regulations


Assembly and Mass

Assembly and Mass are important parts of School life. Coming to assembly or Mass should be done in a revered manner as we prepare to give homage to GOD.

Absolutely NO misbehaviour of ANY kind will be tolerated during Mass or Assembly and will be dealt with in a very serious light.

General Behaviour

  • Learners are to be at all times ambassadors for their school. Learners are expected to conform to the normal rules of courtesy, and dignified behaviour in and out of school
  • Support the school by attending school functions
  • Avoid arrogance always. Humility in victory and grace in defeat should be shown.
  • CHEATING: Any form of cheating in test or examinations is forbidden. A learner caught cheating will receive ‘0’ for the test / examination. Other disciplinary measures will be taken as well.
  • DISHONESTY: The degree and circumstances will be taken into account; nevertheless, dishonesty is considered a serious offence.
  • ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO: Learners on the school premises, or in uniform are not allowed to smoke, or drink liquor at any time or place. It is a punishable offence to be found in possession of cigarettes, lighters, matches or alcohol or to be found in the company of learners who are smoking or drinking. This rule applies to all social functions at which the name of Assumption Convent Primary School could be detrimentally affected.
  • DRUGS AND / OR BANNED SUBSTANCES: Learners on the School premises or in uniform may not be in possession of, use or distribute any form of drug or banned substance. Nor may learners be in the company of any such learner.


  • Each member of the Assumption Convent Primary community has a role to play in minimising theft.
  • Expensive items of clothing and footwear should not be brought to school.
  • Electronic games and equipment should not be brought to school. If required to bring these items to school, they should be given to the Teacher for safekeeping.
  • Large amounts of money should not be carried around at school
  • Pupils may not leave their bags lying around unattended during school hours or after school.
  • If a learner witnesses a theft, this should be reported to a member of staff.
  • Learners may not ‘borrow’ things like books, pens, calculators, clothes etc without the owner’s permission, even as a ‘joke’. ‘Hiding’ property that does not belong to you will be viewed in as serious a light as theft is. PLANNED, PREMEDITATED THEFT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE.


  • Notices and newsletters are an essential method of communication between the school and home. Learners are to ensure that notices handed out at school are give to parents or guardians. When reply slips are attached, these must be signed by the parents or guardian and returned promptly to the class teacher.
  • Cell phones may not be brought to school. If a learner has to bring a cell phone to school for valid reasons, the cell phone should not be visible or heard during school hours and may only be used in the afternoon after school has closed. The school will NOT accept any responsibility for lost or stolen cell phones and will NOT become involved in any investigation of such instances.
  • The public phones may be used during breaks and after school. Office phones may only be used for emergencies, with the permission of a staff member.

Accept Responsibility

By completing the tasks that I have been given to do and by realising that I am accountable for what I have done

  • Every learner should strive to give of his best academically and this should be reflected in his classroom behaviour and attitudes. Academic tasks – homework, project preparation are to be properly completed by the due date.
  • Failure, without a valid reason, to do homework, class work, tests or any academic task, is unacceptable and offenders will be punished.
  • A learner’s behaviour will be regarded as unacceptable if he / she deliberately disrupts classes, thereby hampering the learning process of fellow learners.
  • Learners are to ensure that they are punctual at all times.


  • If a pupil has been absent, a letter from the parent / guardian must be handed to the class teacher on the day that he / she returns to school. Generally, Medical Certificates are required when cycle tests or examinations are missed, or when a child has been absent for three or more days.
  • Requests for a learner to miss school must be submitted in writing to the teacher. Where possible, medical and dental appointments should be made out of school hours. Permission is not automatically given for these.
  • Truancy will not be tolerated. Pupils may not miss any lessons or be absent from school for a full day without a teacher’s consent.


RESPECT OTHERS – by being polite, considerate and helpful always and by giving others the opportunity to reach their full potential.

  • Academic staff, administrative staff, ground staff, parents, visitors and fellow learners are to be accorded the utmost courtesy. If a learner is seated when an adult approaches he / she should stand and greet the adult, and offer assistance where necessary. Learners should greet staff members when meeting or passing each other during the day. Adults, are to be greeted by surname, (eg Mr Smith) or as ‘Sir or Ma’am’, whichever is applicable.
  • The manner in which pupils communicate with other learners, staff and parents should be of an unquestionable standard at all times. No slang, bad language, shouting or answering back is acceptable. Verbal defiance is a serious offence.
  • Learners are to stand back and allow adults to pass along corridors, or on approaching an entrance / exit. The rule of ‘ keep to the left’ applies on all passages and staircases. Running and unnecessary loitering is to be avoided. Suitcases should be placed against the wall and not in the middle of the passages.
  • Learners are expected to behave appropriately at all functions. Pupils are to remain silent when entering venues for formal occasions, eg Assembly or Hymn Practice.
  • Learners waiting for transport before or after school should do so in an orderly manner.
  • Orderly queuing at the Tuck shop is essential to facilitate efficient service.
  • No ‘pushing’ is permitted.
  • Littering outside the Tuck shop, or anywhere else on the school grounds, is forbidden.
  • Order and quiet are to prevail in the school buildings.
  • All items, including school uniforms and personal items should be clearly marked. Any article found in the school buildings or grounds should be handed in to Lost Property.
  • To avoid accidental injury or damage to property, learners must refrain from throwing stones or other objects.
  • No learners are allowed in the staff room.
  • The possession or distribution of pornographic material or other offensive material (eg racist or sexist propaganda publications) is absolutely forbidden.

School Property

  • Littering is not allowed.
  • Scribbling and writing on desks and walls is not allowed and is a serious offence.
  • All forms of vandalism and malicious damage to school property will be regarded in a very serious light. Parents will be responsible for the repair of any wilful damage.
  • Library books and reading books provided by the school must be used with care. Parents will have to pay for lost or damaged books.
  • The teachers’ car park is strictly out of bounds
  • Learners must not damage trees by climbing or hanging on them and must keep out of the flowerbeds.

Respect the Environment

Take care of and protect myself and the environment around me

  • To preserve our beautiful grounds, pupils are asked to keep to the footpaths or corridors when moving around the school.
  • Ball games may only be played in the designated area.
  • In the case of accidental breakages, these must be reported. If school property is damaged in defiance of the school rules, the repair thereof will be for the account of the responsible party.
  • Bathrooms should be left in a manner in which you would like to find them.
  • Vandalism or wilful destruction of property or tampering with equipment will be viewed in a most serious light. Graffiti is forbidden.

Learners’ Belongings

  • All belongings (books, stationery, clothing, lunch boxes, school bags etc.) must be clearly marked with the learner’s name and surname.
  • No stickers, writing or graffiti are allowed on school bags.
  • Lost property will only be kept for a period of two weeks. If it is not claimed in that time, it will be given away to charity.


  • Pupils are to remain in the designated areas during breaks.
  • The school buildings are out of bounds before and after school and during breaks unless official school activities have been organised and approved of, by a member of staff.
  • Learners may not meet visitors at school without permission. All visitors are asked to report to Reception when they arrive. No learner may leave the school grounds during school hours without permission.