Code Of Conduct


Assumption Convent Primary School is a Catholic School committed to excellence in education, which is deeply rooted in the challenge of living the Gospel values. We strive to achieve an integrated education by developing the learner’s gifts – intellectual, physical, practical, social and spiritual. This can only happen when there is full co-operation between teachers, learners and parents. Our school rules are there to help and guide us in achieving these aims.

Mission Statement

We commit ourselves to serve GOD, our pupils, and the wider community, by imparting quality education based on Gospel values and sound educational principles.

We strive to nurture individual children in totality, to foster their spiritual, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, ethical and emotional development, in keeping with their dignity as children of GOD and in the spirit of the school motto.

(Honour from virtue alone)

To achieve the mission of the school it is important that each learner must be bound by the basic guidelines through identification with it and then to undertake to subject himself/herself to it.


As Learner

  • I promise to do my utmost to develop my potential to the full
  • I acknowledge the right to receive education without wilful disruption
  • I shall refrain from any form of vandalism, uproar or any other form of unacceptable conduct in school and out of school
  • I promise to attend school regularly

I undertake

  • To accept responsibility for all my school books and to replace any lost or torn
  • Not to victimise, intimidate, assault or pester any teacher or learner
  • Not to bring any cigarettes, drugs or alcohol to school, not to use it or offer it to other people
  • Not to bring any weapons or items to school that can endanger other people’s lives
  • Not to commit thievery of any form
  • To greet all staff members and visitors politely, offer to carry books, equipment etc for any teacher
  • To stand back and allow adults to pass on passages and staircases and to stand whenever a teacher or adult enters the classroom and to greet him/her politely
  • To walk quietly, in single file, whenever entering or leaving a classroom and when changing classes during the school day
  • To always keep left on the staircases and refrain from any form of pushing or reckless behaviour to ensure the safety of fellow learners

I further promise

  • To have respect for the discipline of this school by obeying the rules
  • To keep the school building and facilities neat and to render my service to upgrade it by eg picking up papers and litter, sweeping classrooms, cleaning desks, chairs, windows and not to litter.
  • To be active in projects which are used to obtain finances in order to keep school fees as low as possible
  • To obey the school rules even after hours whenever wearing my school uniform or entering the school grounds
  • To be punctual in the mornings and at classes throughout the day
  • To treat teachers and peers with respect and,
  • To do my school work faithfully
  • To obey the Prefects and Scholar Patrol who have been authorised by the school to carry out specific duties.

As Learner, I accept the demerit system as a means of discipline as well as any other form of discipline, such as Community Service, detention, withholding of privileges, scolding, confiscation of prohibited items, refusal of entry to a class as result of misconduct, refusal to school as a result of untidy or incorrect school uniform, reprimanding, interview with parents and in severe cases, temporary or permanent expulsion from school.

I take note that I have the right to appeal against demerits which I deem to have been unjustly awarded to me.